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K-12 Education

Over the past decade, Dr. Yoo has had an engaging private flute studio for K-12 students. She has taught students from diverse backgrounds with different performance levels. Building a strong foundation with good habits is imperative for this age group. As such, Dr. Yoo creates an individualized lesson plan based on students’ needs and goals. Currently, Dr. Yoo is devoting her time to obtaining her New York State Teacher Certification. 

Band & Orchestral Studies

Dr. Yoo taught at the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, Cape Cod Youth Symphony, and Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp where she led woodwind sectionals and provided side-by-side coaching at rehearsals to students from grades 5 to 12. In an orchestral setting, Dr. Yoo emphasizes the importance of active listening in achieving a well balanced and blended sound. She also teaches score studies which allow students to become familiar with the entire work and help them understand how each part contributes to the piece as a whole. Lastly, Dr. Yoo puts the most significant value on teamwork, encouraging students to learn from each other. 

Audition Preparation

Dr. Yoo has abundant experience with orchestral auditions. She has performed in numerous concerts across 10 states and in venues including Chicago Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall and Seoul Art Center in South Korea. In her studio, Dr. Yoo teaches orchestral excerpts and conducts mock auditions in which she gives feedback using video analysis. This helps her students become comfortable with the audition atmosphere and perform at their best. Her students have been accepted to summer festivals, regional orchestras and All-State Orchestras. 

College Education 

Dr. Yoo also enjoys teaching college-level students who require advanced teaching techniques. She worked with undergraduate music education majors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her responsibilities included teaching flute pedagogy class, giving private flute lessons, coaching chamber groups, and leading studio recitals. Dr. Yoo also educates students through lectures and concert series. Recently, she performed a lecture recital at City University of New York and Harvard University. For college students, Dr. Yoo gives them greater freedom for self expression, a core element of being a musician. She inspires her students to utilize their knowledge, advanced skill, and creativity to explore new musical ideas. 


Graduate Dissertation Preparation 

Dr. Yoo has advised graduate students on their dissertations in music performance, music education, and art administration. She encourages her students to develop independent and critical thinking which is necessary for exploring new ideas and advancing knowledge in their respective fields. 


Her dissertation, “A Stylistic Analysis of Antonio Lotti’s Trio Sonata in F Major for Flute, Viola da Gamba, and Harpsichord & Trio Sonata in A Major for Flute, Oboe d’amore, and Continuo” broke new ground in understanding the works by Antonio Lotti (1666-1740) and thus acts as a springboard for future exploration of this noted baroque composer.

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